Regional student from Dobell benefits from a scholarship

Jul 10, 2020

Senator for New South Wales Jim Molan has congratulated 1 student from Dobell for receiving a Government-funded scholarship to assist with the costs of their tertiary education.

The fourth round of scholarships have been awarded under the Coalition Government’s $58.1 million Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships program, with additional consideration given to those affected by bushfire and drought.

“Our Government is ensuring that every Australian, no matter where they live, has access to a world-class education,” Senator Molan said.

“There is 1 student from Dobell who has benefited from up to $18,000 towards the cost of their studies at Avondale College of Higher Education.

“It’s only fair if you live in Dobell that you get the same opportunities to access higher education as those living in metropolitan areas, and this financial support will help our students to do so.

“The scholarships will help ease some of the financial burden at what has been a very difficult time for many, and include $500 for the Dobell student to undertake an internship to ensure they are job-ready.

“As part of our Government’s Job-ready Graduates reforms, we are providing an additional $400 million to increase opportunities for regional, rural and remote students to get a world-class education and support regional university campuses.

“We are committed to ensuring more Australians from regional and remote areas like Dobell learn the skills they will need to succeed in the jobs of the future.”

Scholarships are offered throughout 2020. For more information and to apply, visit