Newsletter 9 October: 2020 Budget

Oct 9, 2020

  • My Fortnightly Update

The Budget – an Overview

In 2020, Australians have been tested like never before by flood, drought, fires and a global pandemic. I’ve seen first hand the devastation of the fires in New South Wales and drought in rural New South Wales.

COVID-19 has resulted in the most severe global economic crisis since the Great Depression. Australia’s society and economy has been hit hard: Australians have been locked down, families have been separated and businesses haven’t opened. As we begin to rebuild our economy, and start looking towards a post COVID world, we need a strong budget focused around jobs…and that is exactly what we have.

It is terrific to see a budget that rewards hard working Australians for their effort and provides a helping hand to those who need it.

In response to this crisis, the Morrison Government has committed incredible support to save lives and keep Australians in jobs.

Building on the Instant Asset Write Off will mean a trucking company can upgrade their fleet or a farmer can buy a new harvester and get a tax refund quickly. The Morrison Government’s tax cuts will see more than 7 million Australians receive $2,000 or more this year. Our Modern Manufacturing Plan will support the recovery. It will build Australia’s sovereign industries and improve their resilience to shocks. Our record infrastructure pipeline is already supporting 100,000 jobs and making practical, useful improvements to our roads and facilities.

The COVID-19 crisis has confirmed how vital it is to have a strong economy and a strong government.

I commend the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on a brilliant budget.

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In his recent 2020 Budget speech, the Treasurer announced that “We are building the infrastructure we need for the future”. Infrastructure was an important part of the budget, as there are two essential benefits that will come from this focus:

Firstly, much needed assistance will be given to our regional communities still struggling to emerge and rebuild following the disastrous impacts of the Black Summer bushfires. Secondly, kickstarting the economic recovery with the widespread creation of jobs, all over Australia.

A record $110 Billion has been committed to the Transport Infrastructure Program and $3.5 Billion for the Rolling Water Infrastructure fund. These investments are coming at a time when local communities and businesses need it the most and will provide safety, water security and employment.

$2 Billion has been invested into road safety upgrades and $1 Billion for local councils to immediately upgrade local roads, footpaths and street lighting. This investment in ‘shovel ready’ programs will ensure instant assistance to regional communities in terms of infrastructure improvements and the creation of jobs.



This budget gives increased support to veterans and their families.

The Morrison Government has announced $94 million to improve mental health outcomes and ensure high-quality care for veterans and their families.

Eligible veteran income support recipients and concession card holders will also receive two additional $250 Economic Support Payments in late 2020 and in early 2021.

The Budget also provides:

  • $2.4 million to provide care coordination for veterans with accepted mental health conditions. The Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program is a team-based approach to health care which involves GP-led coordination of a veteran’s treatment.
  • $5 million to expand the Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling Peer Support program in Nowra and Maryborough, as well as expanding digital mental health support in rural and regional areas.
  • $25.9 million in response to the Independent Review of the Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Payment, providing more support to severely impaired veterans that are renting as well as streamlining administration arrangements.

For more information on what this budget means for veterans and their families please visit:


Australia’s Sovereign Capabilities

As many of you know, I am a strong advocate for Australia’s sovereignty.

COVID-19 has reinforced the importance of Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capability and has highlighted our lack of sovereignty.

The $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing plan announced last night in the 2020 Budget will target six national manufacturing priorities:

  • food and beverage manufacturing
  • resources technology and critical minerals processing
  • medical products
  • recycling and clean energy
  • defence industry; and
  • space industry.

This will increase our sovereign capabilities and better integrate our manufacturing into global supply chains.

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In 2018 I volunteered for the Stillbirth Senate Committee due to a family tragedy.

In this budget, The Morrison Government has committed $7.6 million to ensure that all eligible families who experience a stillbirth or the death of a child under 12 months of age will receive up to $3,606.81 in support payments.

I am proud to be part of a government assisting parents to cope with the unimaginable grief of losing a baby.

Click here to watch my speech on stilbirth:



Last Fortnight’s Media Commitments


Next Week…Travel!

Next week I’m intending on traveling around the electorates of Gilmore, Eden-Monaro and Dobell.

While traveling, I will focus on promoting the 2020 Budget and understanding how the budget assists different businesses and communities.

I will be talking to local businesses in Huskisson and Braidwood to begin to understand how Government initiatives like JobKeeper, the Cash Flow Boost and Job Trainer have helped them. I will also talk to local manufacturers in Queanbeyan and Bomaderry to get an understanding of how they will benefit from the Instant Assest Right Off and other Government programs.

Next week I will also do some media to discuss what the budget means for rural New South Wales and the South Coast. So if you’re in the area, tune into Sounds of the Mountains and 2SM Radio on Tuesday, I98 on Wednesday and 2CC on Thursday.

If you see me round the place, please feel free to come up and say hi, I’m always happy to have a chat.