More bushfire recovery projects funded for NSW communities in Gilmore

Jun 30, 2021

Upgrades to facilities and enhancements to community spaces are on the way for Gilmore, with up to $283 million Commonwealth and NSW funding in Local Economic Recovery projects announced this week.

State-wide, 195 bushfire recovery projects have been approved in this round of Bushfire Local Economic Recovery projects in NSW under the Local Economic Recovery program, which is jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments. These projects have a focus on drawing people to the region, supporting primary industries to enhance economic and social recovery, create jobs, and improve community resilience for future emergency events.

Senator for New South Wales Jim Molan said all 21 projects had been put forward by the community, with funding focused on local solutions to local needs.

“These projects have been identified by the people of Gilmore and will make a big difference locally, creating opportunities to increase tourism, employment and economic recovery, as well as  building community cohesion and making us more resilient in times of crisis,” Senator Molan said.

Projects approved in Gilmore include:

Project Brief LGA Funding
Upgrade facilities and equipment at PCYC Shoalhaven This project includes the construction of a large covered area for court sports programs and outdoor activities, as well as the purchasing of equipment for health and well-being programs. Shoalhaven City Council $951,875.00
Improve resilience of four showgrounds in Shoalhaven This project will upgrade four showgrounds in Shoalhaven, adding new bathroom and laundry facilities; a camp kitchen; dining spaces; meeting and office spaces; and stock holding yards and stables. Shoalhaven City Council $3,835,367.00
Refurbish the Huskisson Mangrove Boardwalk This project will upgrade the existing boardwalk, providing a wider pathway, improved accessibility features, educational bays, intermittent seating, and interpretative signage. Shoalhaven City Council $2,443,605.00


Project Brief LGA Funding
Design and construct new Bendeela Reservoir and Five Water Tanks This project will increase the water supply though the provision of an additional 0.5ML reservoir and five static water tanks located in the Kangaroo Valley. These will be used by the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and NSW Fire and Rescue Services in times of need. Shoalhaven City Council $990,000.00


Upgrade major telecommunication sites This project will improve the resilience of major council-managed telecommunication sites through the installation of remote power generation; expanded battery storage; flood protection; and remote monitoring of key performance indicators. Shoalhaven City Council



Restore habitats and build community resilience in Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven Shires This project will fund work to implement anti-erosion and sediment measures; control weeds; manage fires; provide training; run workshops; and build land management contract businesses. Shoalhaven City Council $949,840.00
Positive Futures: A recovery and resilience program Positive Futures is a recovery program designed to build resilience, mental health and networks for bushfire-affected young people and communities.


Shoalhaven City Council $573,395.00
Sanctuary of Support (SOS) The Sanctuary of Support (SOS) project will enable people living with a mental illness to access the community; build skills for work and independent living; explore therapeutic approaches to recovery; engage in hobbies; and more. Shoalhaven City Council



South Coast Centre of Excellence The project will establish a virtual Hospitality and Tourism Centre of Excellence on the NSW South Coast. This will create a pipeline of skilled workers, providing lasting careers for local residents Shoalhaven City Council $995,023.00
Community led recovery and regeneration education hub for South East NSW This project will establish a hub for collaborative and community led recovery and regeneration in South East NSW, based at the Crossing Land Education Centre, Bermagui. Shoalhaven City Council $947,803.00
Bawley Point and Kioloa microgrid energy project This project will deliver a microgrid energy solution to the towns of Bawley Point and Kioloa, which will allow the towns to maintain power during main grid outages. Shoalhaven City Council $962,400.00
Extend and improve Lake Conjola Fire Station This project will construct a tanker bay, install a multifunction room, and make other improvements at Lake Conjola Fire Station. Shoalhaven City Council $717,303.00


Project Brief LGA Funding
Construct a fire station for Manyana and Bendalong This project will construct a four-bay fire station for Manyana and Bendalong, based on standard Rural Fire Service design. It will include an access driveway and six vehicle parking spaces. Shoalhaven City Council $1,752,930.00
Supporting Lake Conjola tourism access This project will fund a larger, and higher standard car and trailer parking area to cater for expected demand; improvement of internal roads, the construction of retaining walls and landscaping. Shoalhaven City Council $775,349.00
Create bridge with shared user path on Lake Conjola Entrance Road A shared user path bridge on Lake Conjola Entrance Road provides an opportunity to connect and improve community liveability and safety through road infrastructure. This project will also promote tourism and enhance visitation to the area. Shoalhaven City Council $1,000,000.00
Royal Far West Bushfire Recovery Program This program addresses the mental health impacts of the 2019-20 bushfires, addressing developmental vulnerabilities that could place children at risk of long-term adverse outcomes. Shoalhaven City Council $3,994,938.00
Anglicare’s Road to Recovery: Building community capacity and fostering disaster resilience program Anglicare’s Road to Recovery Program is a focused approach to engaging communities across the Shoalhaven, Queanbeyan-Palerang, and New England Local Government Areas. Shoalhaven City Council $900,974.00
Support South Coast Youth Volunteering Initiative Regional Development Australia Far South Coast (RDAFSC) will partner with NSW Rural Fire Service and local high schools to deliver nationally accredited training for up to 300 students. Shoalhaven City Council $211,000.00
Milton – Ulladulla Rural Landcare Forest Recovery Project The project will provide practical assistance to regenerate tracts of devastated forest land; regenerate habitats for important species; oversee natural regeneration; reduce fire risk and treat weed incursions; and collect data on forest regeneration and post-fire biodiversity. Shoalhaven City Council $225,000.00
Caring For Country Traineeship Project This project will establish an Aboriginal-led land management team in Shoalhaven. The project will provide a year of full-time employment and training to 12 Aboriginal jobseekers. The project will be delivered by Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) in Nowra, Jerrinja and Ulladulla. Shoalhaven City Council $2,759,486.00
Restoring country, culture and community This project will include employing rangers; assessing cultural and wildlife sites; a survey of local fauna populations; the installation of nest boxes; community engagement projects; and more. Shoalhaven City Council $1,000,000.00


These projects are the latest to be announced as part of a joint investment of more than $500 million in Local Economic Recovery, jointly funded by the Australian and NSW governments to support locally led bushfire recovery initiatives.

Funding for LER projects is just one of the initiatives supported by the Australian Government’s National Bushfire Recovery Fund. To date, more than $2.3 billion in Australian Government support has been provided to help bushfire affected communities, including $1.6  billion spent so far from the National Bushfire Recovery Fund. Over 80 per cent of the available funding has been used to help communities recover from the 2019-20 bushfires.

Details of successful local economic recovery projects in New South Wales – and across other states – are available on the National Recovery and Resilience Agency website at