Making the case for Government action on Australia’s national security in an uncertain world

National security is everyone’s responsibility, but it is the Commonwealth Government which must take the lead.  I advocate the following actions:

  1. Create a comprehensive national security strategy
    We must consider the preparedness and resilience of the whole country, not just Defence.  A strategy will identify threats, confirm actions, and hold every Cabinet Minister responsible.
  2. Address legacy problems with national security
    Continue the work of the former Coalition Government in addressing legacy issues, such as specific legislation to empower security bodies and steps to counter foreign intelligence.
  3. Develop plans to fight the China war
    How can we prepare if we don’t outline how a likely future war might be fought?  I believe this will likely be war between the US and China, with Australia as collateral.  Others may disagree.  What is important, is that Government develops an informed position on this to enable agencies to prepare.